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Letter from a Young Poet

By: Plutzik, Hyam (Author)

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Letter from a Young Poet - ISBN13: 0991327187  

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Loved it. Great information and was easy to read.
Best service ever.
Best price on the web. Fast ship. A+!
Transaction went well but three of the markers did not work and are very hard to blend. I would not purchase these again.
Great price, and shipped/arrived faster than expected.
You are difficult to get a hold of. and this even too short to explain. Please call or I will file dispute with pay pal. 512-773-6642
ISBN-10:   0991327187
ISBN-13:   9780991327188
BINDING:   Hardcover
PUBLICATION DATE:   2015-11-01
DESCRIPTION:   Written on the eve of America s entry into World War II, this remarkable Letter From a Young Poet di...

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